****BUY or RENT...??*** it has become much cheaper to purchase a home than to find a decent rental. In many cases you will pay MORE for the rental than you would for a mortgage payment.

The list of FREE homes that I send over to you will be customized and sent directly to your email using whatever criteria you choose for the search...what cities would you like in the search, number of bedrooms and baths, style of home desired, price range, etc.

PLEASE NOTE...this list of properties for sale comes directly from the MLS system that ONLY Realtors have access to. The list is in "real time" meaning that it is the most up to date list you will find (yes I know there is a website called TheMLSOnline.com - but they are NOT the MLS system but just an internet site named that). When new homes come onto the market, your list is updated. The same holds true when homes receive an agreed upon offer, they come off of your list.

When I send you this list and eventually work with you as a buyer's agent, you pay ZERO FEES and ZERO COMMISSIONS. These are paid for by the seller of the property that you eventually find to purchase. Remember, we do also have the ZERO DOWN PAYMENT PROGRAM still available for those that qualify. This has been extremely popular with buyers in the last year.  A quick phone call with my lending partner is all that it takes to see if you qualify. And, if you need some help with credit scores to get qualified or just solid financial assistance to get you on the right track...we help you with that as well and of course there is NO CHARGE at all...:)

Please leave me with your contact information and I will reach out to you to get this information over to you.